Saturday, March 03, 2007


Dad says he is "still a'goin" at age 93, and he sounded like it yesterday on the phone. He had a cold and hoarse throat but seemed to feel good otherwise. He said he was missing the calves that had been shipped on the weekend but some of the cows were still roaming around in the fields, so he wasn't too lonely! He had been over to check the old house next door because nobody is living there now, and it was in pretty good shape. He said he wished that he had put a better foundation under the old log house so that it would still be sitting where my sisters and I were born! (I wish the same thing! I still miss seeing that historic place.)

Mavis, Ron, Luke, Tara, Shawn and Tracy were taking him to Sidney for dinner, and were inviting Bill Dobias as well, since they have birthdays close together, are the same age, and have been friends all their lives. My guess is that Dad really liked that event.

Mavis Doing Better!

Mavis said she is feeling considerably better a few days after her trip to Bismarck and two days in the hospital. The doctors found no blockage in her blood flow, and gave her medication to relieve the pain. She was feeling tired the earlier part of the week but had her energy back yesterday. GOOD NEWS!


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