Sunday, October 03, 2010


Some wonderful visitors came to Scottsdale over the last few days! While they were here, Dara and Madelyn joined us for a happy hour at the Camelback Inn (a late 76th birthday celebration for Bill!), near Camelback Mountain (see colorful photos), and for dinner at our condo (see photo of Marie, Dara, and Madelyn). We are always delighted to have them here, and enjoyed catching up on their busy lives in Bremerton, WA! Dara told us all about her new job as Assistant Director of Human Resources for the school district where she works. She has particular responsibility for the 700 classified staff. Madelyn heads the Mathematics Department at Olympic High School, and teaches geometry, calculus, business math, and an assortment of other math courses. They both "love" their jobs!


Beet harvest is fully underway. Two crews work 24 hours per day--except when it is too warm and they have to stop in the afternoon, as they did the last couple of days. It has been a good crop year, so yields should be up to expectations. A new twist: they get daily text messages on Ron's cell phone indicating how many tons of beets have been delivered, the sugar content, and other information from the beet dump.

Dad, Mavis, Ron, Luke, and Abbie all had the flu--which slowed things down for a few days. Dad has lost his help at home from Rhonda Lassey (see got a full-time job in Sidney) and Vicki Dunbar, so Mavis and Luke been doing the housekeeping and providing all the other support. She is looking for someone to help out! Any suggestions?

Mavis says the early fall has been really beautiful around the ranch, with lots of flowers, colorful trees and gorgeous vines around the house. Abbie is in pre-school, but is having a bit of trouble adjusting to being away from Mavis and Luke. However, she likes the school once she gets into it.


Although there is no immediate indication an intent to drill on the ranch, most of Sioux Township around Cartwright has been staked for wells. Some estimates suggest that as many as 300 wells could be drilled in the area south of U.S. 85 to the Yellowstone River. Several of the neighbors have stakes on their property. Mavis says, it is probably just a matter of time until a company will stake one or more wells, and drill on the ranch. However, who knows when that will happen!


Maureen has been elected to the Board of Directors of the American Federal Savings Bank in Helena--a part-time "paid" position that may go on indefinitely. She is quite excited about participating in such an organization, and of course brings a lot of experience in housing to the Board.


Bill and Marie


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