Wednesday, August 11, 2010


We thoroughly enjoyed seeing everybody in Cartwright and Sidney August 3-5, and it was fun to see the beautiful crops of sugar beets, corn, barley, and wheat. Barley harvest was in full swing, with yields in the 95 bushel per acre range. Ron, Luke, and Will were so busy we hardly saw them. Mavis hosted us at their house one evening, and Marilyn and Issy were similarly hospitable another evening.

Dad went with us for lunch at the South Forty in Sidney and made a hit with a cute waitress--who broke the rules to get him a ham sandwich! She was in Sidney with her Dad and boyfriend (from Idaho) who were working in the oil fields.

I enjoyed a visit with Jerry and Judy Lassey at Dad's house. We had not seen them in several years. They are doing well!

Since we were wearing down a bit after more than three weeks of steady travel, we decided to postpone our trip to see Derek, Sherill, Dione, Saul and Mollie, and returned to Scottsdale--arriving last night. It is nice to be home. As it turns out, the weather has been terrible on the route we would have taken, with major floods in Iowa. We talked to Derek tonight, and learned that many roads are washed away, and travel is very difficult. He is involved in helping solve some of the problems that have been created. Our plan is to do the Iowa and Ohio trip in mid-September, assuming that works for all involved.


Bill and Marie


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