Saturday, October 23, 2010


We picnicked yesterday at Boyce Thompson Arboretum State Park, about 60 miles east of Scottsdale, and enjoyed the gorgeous collection of plants from Arizona and around the world. Some of the big trees in the first photo were imported from Australia. A year-round creek runs through the park, supplying a constant stream of water for irrigation. And, nearly every kind of cactus that grows in the state or the world is on display in one of the gardens. Beautiful!


Dione, Saul, and Mollie learned last week that Mollie will get to use her Chinese language skills on a three-week adventure to China next summer--sponsored by her school! Sounds really exciting. About 15 of the best Chinese students will go.


It was a banner year for sugar beets, now all out of the ground and on their way to the factory in Sidney. The annual beet harvest dinner, honoring the entire crew, was held last evening. Although they had some truck problems, most of the 24-hour days came off without a hitch and in nearly record time--partly because of good weather for most of the three-week period. It has been a great fall weather-wise so far.

Dad did just fine through it all. He now has help once per week from Vicki Dunbar--who was away for awhile on a trip to Germany. Mavis is attempting to locate another person who can help out as well, especially while Ron and Mavis travel this fall and winter--including a trip down here, we hope. Ron has a sister here that they want to visit.

Mavis, Marilyn, Issy and Dad are going to Bismarck on Wednesday for medical appointments and to see Cindy and others.

Julie had a birthday last week, and enjoyed a family celebration at the Powder Keg in Fairview.

Harvey and Susan were there for the funeral of one of Harvey's brothers who lived in Sidney.

Brett shot his first deer this morning--quite a feat for an outdoorsman like him!

A new gas processing plant is under construction north of Cartwright. It will collect and refine the natural gas from all around the area via several pipelines that are also under construction. Quite a big deal that will employ some folks and increase the revenue to the area.


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