Sunday, October 31, 2010


Ron Berry celebrated his 64th birthday today, with a dinner event last evening at the Double Barrel Restaurant in Fairview! He says he plans to wait another couple of years before retiring from his post as headmaster of the Berry Farming Enterprises! The party had to be last night because tonight is reserved for "Trick or Treating" and Halloween parties by various goblins from around the area.

Ron is pleased with the 28-ton per acre sugar beet yield, lowered somewhat by hail on one 100-acre field, but he is aiming for 40 ton per acre next year! After a big storm with 4 inches of blowing snow last week, they hope to get back in the fields for fall tilling next week. The storm was so bad they had to cancel a planned trip to Bismarck with Dad, Marilyn, and Issy for medical checkups. However, there are so many new people moving into the area because of the oil exploration activity that it is getting harder to get appointments with doctors.


Linda Sitter, a school classmate of Mavis, has agreed to provide assistance several days per week with Dad. She has experience helping older people, and has a very good reputation. So, we are highly pleased at the prospect of Mavis and Luke getting some support so Dad can continue to live at home.

Dad is really doing pretty well, but continues to have problems remembering things.


Maureen started her new role last week as a Board of Directors member for a local bank in Helena. It is quite an honor to be selected for such a position, and she even gets well paid for it. Mat continues to serve on the Board of Directors for the hospital. They are community-minded folks! Good for them!

Maureen was in Glendive last week for a meeting on housing--of which there are lots of shortages, particularly of rental housing, in the region because of the influx of people working in the oil fields. She was intending to go to Cartwright for a visit but got caught with snow and blizzard conditions coming, so didn't make it.


We had our Canadian neighbors over for drinks and food on Thursday. They live near Hamilton, Ontario, where we did some research a few years ago for one of our books. Both were born in Italy, immigrated to Canada in their 20s, and now have one of the largest home construction companies in Ontario. Great fun to visit with them!


Bill and Marie


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