Sunday, June 24, 2007


Mavis said today that the crops look really good because of plentiful rain, and so far, no hail. Unfortunately, Marilyn said they lost their garden to hail a few days ago, but the storm did not hit the ranch. It was 97 degrees yesterday--really warm for late June. A trip to the river for boating was almost underway when I called. Sounds like fun!

Shawn and family are going to Ft. Peck for a holiday over the 4th of July, and will be joined for part of the time by Mavis, Ron, and others. That also sounds like great fun.

Dad is doing fine, and is going to the doctor tomorrow for another treatment of his bladder cancer, a painful process, but it does not seem to bother him all that much.

We will arrive in Cartwright on July 9 for three days, after visiting Dione, Saul, and Mollie in Missoula, before they head back to Yellow Springs after the memorial for Maureen and Dione's step-father at Polson. We'll also visit with Maureen and Mat in Helena. We hope to arrive in Bismarck on the evening of July 12 to see Lila and her family, before going on to Oskaloosa, IA, to see Derek and Sherrill.

Right now, we are enjoying Priest Lake, ID, for a week, about 30 miles from the Canadian border, and an absolutely gorgeous area. We had a National Forest campsite for awhile right on the lake shore that we dearly loved, but had to move because someone else had the site reserved. Unhappily, our water pump is now giving us trouble, so tomorrow we'll be heading for a repair shop.

Love and good cheer,

Bill and Marie

Sunday, June 10, 2007


Just wanted to touch base with everyone to say "HI"!

We just got back from taking our kids to Las Vegas for four days. We celebrated our son's 21st birthday and our daughter/son in law's 5th anniversary there. Had a great time, although it was mighty hot (103). Ryan is definitely ready to go back, but Michelle & Gary decided Vegas is not for them. Too expensive and not the place to be if you don't enjoy gambling. We tried to pack in as much of the sites and sounds of Vegas as we could in 3 short days, and we're all worn out, but it was lots of fun!

I finally got my long awaited promotion at BLM. I'm still in purchasing/contracting, but this promotion will certainly help for retirement. I only have 2 years/2 months left, but will probably continue to work for another 5 years. Have to pay off my new car first!

It's been a busy summer season so far, with lots of things to come. Terry and I are taking our grand kids for a few days during the 4th of July week. We're going to go "play" with them so it should be fun! I"m also off to Red Lodge for a "girls get-away" with a few friends. Then in July I volunteered to be a chaperone on the bus to church camp. Now that is challenging, so I hope God remembers to reward me! Then I'm planning a trip to BIsmarck for my 53rd birthday to see mom and Cindy/Karen/Tim. Can hardly wait to help Cindy decorate her new house! Lots of activities planned for this summer, which will be a very busy time! Hope all is well with everyone!

Charlie Gunther

Wednesday, June 06, 2007


We are in Clarkson, WA, this morning, after a great dinner and evening with daughter Sherry, and husband Wes. They met us here to show us the site of the new restaurant they are about to start building in Lewiston, ID, just across the Snake River. Today we go to Pullman, WA, where we lived off and on for 26 years, and where they now live. They will give us a tour around the area to see what is new since we left, and will host us tonight at their Wingers restaurant in Moscow, ID. They also have an Italian Restaurant in Moscow where we'll dine tomorrow night. I'll take a little time to see if any of my old colleagues are still around at Washington State University!

We are looking forward to a week or so at Priest Lake in northern Idaho, one of our favorite beautiful spots in all the world, where we'll be hosted for a couple of days by some wonderful friends of many years, Bob and Connie Walker.

A note from Cindy indicates they are moving into their new house on June 14. How exciting! Our congratulations! She sent some photos but I was not able to open them with the WiFi connection in the campground where we are staying.

So far our trip has been terrific all the way. We came through Sun Valley, ID, the Sawtooth Valley around Stanley, McCall, and Orofino--all magnificent, beautiful places.


Bill and Marie