Monday, July 28, 2008


We arrived in Tucson on Saturday, after 5,228 miles on the road between June 16 and July 26. Although we had our fair share of troubles with the motorhome, it was a great trip, enabling us to see lots of family and friends along the way. Although we had intended to spend a couple of weeks in the Tetons, our generator failed, making it very difficult to stay in the National Park campgrounds as we had intended. The least cost commercial RV park was $62 per night! So, we suspended our visit, after a wonderful lunch at Jenny Lake Lodge where we had our first dinner together 36 years ago!


Cindy had a belated birthday party for Lila at her house while Linda and Charlie were there for a visit. Although Lila will continue to be somewhat "restricted" to the nursing home in isolation until August 4, because of her infection, she was feeling much better than when we were there while she was in the hospital.


Mavis indicates that combining of grain was starting last week, but yields on the dry land were expected to be minimal because of a very dry summer. Fortunately, they got .7 inches of rain in the pasture.

Trista has been helping out with Dad--fixing meals, cleaning house, taking him for drives, and generally keeping him company, for two days each week. Dad is doing fine and apparently is enjoying the company. He does like getting out. Last Sunday he called Mavis about going to church. Lana was there working on some projects with Mavis, so they didn't go. Dad said he guessed he would have to stay home and "twiddle his thumbs!" They all went out to lunch on Monday to celebrate Lana's birthday. Marilyn and Issy were at his house for card games--which he really enjoys. They also took him to the "Old-Timer's Festival" in Fairview; he was one of 6 people over 90-years old.

Abbie has taken an interest in talking on the radio system that is used on the ranch to keep in touch with each other. She has lots of cute things to say! Brett and a friend caught 150 catfish in the river! He went to band camp, playing the drums. He was 3rd out of 60 kids in the "fastest hands" contest!


Dione and Saul have a friend from Harvard University who is from North Dakota, and whose family was involved in politics during the time that Art Link was Governor and Representative, and when Bill Langer was Senator. He has helped them understand what went on politically during that period.

They had a great time in Montana, in Helena with Mat and Maureen (while we were also there), and at Flathead Lake where they stayed part of the time on Big Bull Island (where I built a cabin many long years ago!). Unfortunately, a bear was on the island, causing them to leave before they had intended!

Enough for now!


Bill and Marie


Sunday, July 20, 2008


After a terrific visit with our oldest daughter, Sherry, her husband Wes, and our grandkids Dustin and Nicole (see last photo), we are now enjoying Grand Teton National Park--where we expect to be for the next week or two. We had a fling at a mountaintop restaurant with a view of the Tetons (see Photo), and are in a campground with the mountains in full view (photo). Beautiful!


Bill and Marie

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Hedwig's Death

We were really sorry to read the blog entry on Friday, July 11, about Hedwig's death from a heart attack. Although we have not seen him in may years, we thoroughly enjoyed his good humor and blog entries about their life in Belgium. He was a wonderful guy and treasured his visits to Cartwright many years ago when he and Herna got acquainted with the Lassey Clan. We'll miss the interactions with him over the Internet. He really appreciated the lasseyclan.blogspot. It helped him keep in touch with all of us, and helped us keep in touch with him. We certainly wish Herna and his other family and friends in Belgium the best, and know that his death will be a great loss to them.

We talked to Lila and Dad today, and both are doing amazingly well. Despite the fact that Lila is quarantined in her room at the Baptist home, she was in good spirits, and in much better shape than when we visited her in the hospital not long ago.

Dad was also in good spirits and said he was feeling good!

We are in Coeur d'Alene, ID, and going to Pullman tomorrow for a visit with daughter Sherry, her husband, Wes, and grandkids Dustin and Nicole. We look forward to that with great enthusiasum!


Bill and Marie

Friday, July 11, 2008

Bad news

Dear all,

This afternoon at 16.30, my uncle Hedwig Deblaere has died.
Last week Friday he had a hart attack. After one week of unconsciousness, he passed away this afternoon.
His wife Herna would love to continue the visit to this blog but she doesn’t know anything about computers and the internet.
She also isn’t able to write English.

Herna asks to give her best regards to everybody of the family.

If you would like to say a word to Herna you may use my personal email address.

Kind regards,