Thursday, August 30, 2007


I learned today that I must have cataract surgery in two stages, beginning on September 12 with my right eye, and ending two weeks later with the left (good) eye. The ophthalmologist/surgeon indicated I would be somewhat impaired for about six weeks, although can do most things, like driving, soon after the surgery. No bathroom or house cleaning is allowed for a week after each surgery. Tough! Fortunately, he found no other serious problems with my eyes except for dryness problems and associated side-effects. Good News! He told us that he does about 80 cataract surgeries each month, with a 99% plus success rate, so has had plenty of successful practice. That is nice to know!

Bill and Marie

Labor Day Event Update from Marilyn

The reunion will be small, but, as Mavis says, we will have fun anyway! It appears that Cindy and Don and their family, Julie and Dennis and their family (Dan is coming home for this also), Mavis's family and Issy and I will be there. Charlie and Terry are coming on Monday, but opted to go see Lila, which I think is very nice.

Carol was just here and of course Susan has just started a new positon and it is hard for her to get away right now.

There is no news about when they might move a rig on the well that is staked. It will just depend on which one they drill first, of the four they have staked and when a drilling rig is available. The scuddlebut is that they want to have them all completed before the first of the year, as they get some kind of an incentive during 2007 I guess.

We were over and washed clothes for Dad and played cards last night. He sure appreciates us coming.

Hope you eye treatment goes well. We will be thinking of you.

Love, Marilyn and Issy

Sunday, August 26, 2007


Tim said today on the phone that Lila is "not doing the greatest." She is having trouble with her "bad" eye, because of pain and drainage. Her oxygen is low causing some periodic difficulty breathing. She said she was just not feeling very well generally. Unfortunately, all of this will keep her from going to the Labor Day event at Dad's.

Charlene is coming to Bismarck to see her and will go to Dad's on Labor Day Monday. Linda has been ill and is getting some tests done to see what the problem is. Tim isn't sure if he can make it to Dad's for the weekend. Cindy is planning to be there. Don is enjoying his new boat and doing a lot of fishing!

Lila is of course excited about the staking of the site for oil drilling at the Scrivner place, as we all are.


We are finding this rented condo much to our liking. It is nicely furnished and has beautiful views of the Catalina Mountains and the La Paloma golf course from two patios, with lots of walking paths around the fairways to allow for good exercise. We explored our neighborhood on foot early this morning before the heat set in. Fortunately there has been lots of rain lately, making the landscape gorgeous with flowering plants. The temperature has moderated a bit, only climbing to the mid-90s this weekend.

Sunday, August 19, 2007


Dear Dad and Marie,

Yes, we have moved and we like our
new home and yard quite a bit. It is modest, but
really nice.

I start work tomorrow and Saul's classes
begin the end of September. Mollie starts school on the

Best of luck with the surgery - keep us posted.

Love, Dione

Friday, August 17, 2007


We are back in Tucson much earlier than we had planned! I started having serious problems with my only good eye, so decided it was necessary to get it checked by a top-notch ophthalmologist in whom we had confidence. He will do surgery to remove cataracts soon, but we are not yet certain what else may need treating until after an exam on August 30.

In the meantime, knowing that I will have to take it easy for awhile, without having to hook up and unhook the motorhome, we have rented a furnished condominium near our house (which is leased to two physicians). It should be a comfortable place to "recover" as needed.

We had a marvelous trip south from Grand Teton National Park, passing through the Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area in southern Wyoming; Moab, Utah, near Arches and Canyonlands National Parks; Monument Valley in southern Utah and northeast Arizona, and Flagstaff, AZ, via the Navaho Indian Reservation, arriving here in four days.


Mavis and Dad called last week to indicate that an oil well drilling site has been staked that includes the Scrivner place south of Dad's house. It is not clear when they will drill, but hopefully some time in the next few months. Exciting prospects!


Bill and Marie

Monday, August 06, 2007


As most of you know by now, having received a letter from Mavis with details, the Lassey Clan reunion is on for Labor Day weekend, September 1-3. Please confirm with Mavis (701-744-5112) or Marilyn (406-488-2436) as soon as possible if you plan to participate, with the number of people in your immediate family who will be there, and what sort of accommodations you might need. They can also answer any questions you might have about the details.

The Tetons

We are in Grand Teton National Park, enjoying a magnificent view of the Teton Mountain Range, with a herd of buffalo in the foreground, while we work on our memoirs. We are looking forward to a visit from Chandra, Bryson, and Kira (Derek's oldest daughter and his two grandchildren!) on the weekend of August 17. Our plan is to stay here until we go to Montana and North Dakota to see family and for the reunion.

Derek and Sherrill

The last segment of our earlier trip was highly interesting--in Pella, IA, where we visited Derek and Sherill--as we got acquainted with the Dutch culture in a small Iowa town. The local people raised $1.3 million to import a four-story working windmill from the Netherlands--that we toured with Derek and Sherill. It is quite an amazing technological marvel, and well worth a visit if you get to that vicinity (about 40 miles SE of Des Moines). The windmill is surrounded by an outdoor museum with traditional homes and buildings, including the birthplace of Wyatt Earp. Just down the street is a Dutch bakery with some of the most delicious delicacies you can imagine. We loaded up and stuffed ourselves with pleasure!

Derek is enjoying his new job with the Iowa Transportation Department. He works primarily around the southern part of the state, helping to maintain the road and bridge system. Sherrill is caretaker for an older couple in Oskaloosa. We really enjoyed catching up on their life in rural Iowa.

Happenings on the Ranch

Dad had a followup exam after his surgery, and got a good report. The Doctor said all of the cancer had been removed from his bladder, and should re-occur more slowly as he gets older. He has to go back in three months for another checkup. He seemed very cheerful and Mavis said he is doing well! Good news!

The barley is all harvested, with a generally good yield. Most of it made malting barley which commands a somewhat better price than feed barley.

People from all around the area gathered last Friday with combines and trucks to harvest the crops for the Cayko family who were unable to do it themselves because of the recent accident. The large crew was able to cut the entire crop in one eight-hour day! That is some kind of community spirit! Amazing!

The motorcycle rally in Sturgis, SD, is on this week, with participation by Shawn and Tracy (Mavis was caring for her grandkids in their absence) and the rest of the family in various stages. Ron and Mavis are going down on Friday with their new Harley Davidson cycle.


Bill and Marie