Sunday, October 25, 2009


This is not a new photo of Dad, but one that we like from last year!

We talked to him last week and he sounded quite cheerful. He had walked to the mailbox and back, he said, and enjoyed the exercise. He says he always enjoys the blog, which he gets in the mail every time a new item is published. He said the beet harvest was a little slow because of the rain and cool weather. Fortunately, the weather was good the day we talked to him.

Lila seems to be doing quite well, although we have not been successful lately in reaching her on the phone. Mavis and Ron had a good visit with her last Wednesday.


We were in Scottsdale at Mayo Clinic last week for Marie's 7-week check-up with her surgeon. She got a good report! Fortunately, she has recovered very well and can now resume normal activities, except heavy lifting.

I saw an ophthalomogist about my dry and irritated eyes, and learned that some new actions need to be taken to avoid negative long-term side effects. I'll need two new prescriptions, and a set of new-fangled glasses that protect my eyes from the dry air. Arizona is not exactly the best place to be for this kind of problem!

Our treat was a delightful dinner out at a restaurant called Zinc Bistro in Kierland Commons--an upscale urban village in North Scottsdale that we found wonderful to walk around. We were introduced to the place when we met Maureen and Mat for dinner there last year at another restaurant called North. We like the area so much that we intend to return there every chance we get!


Bill and Marie

Sunday, October 11, 2009


Ron and Mavis said today that the beet harvest is hampered by rainy, cold weather. Only 200 of 1000 acres have been completed. Fortunately, they have a good (and flexible!) crew that includes Ron's brother Larry, two of his high school classmates, and others who have helped out in years past. The yield is good, but the sugar content is lower than they would like. They have been able to dig only about every third day so far.

Mavis talked to Lila this morning, who was able to visit for half an hour in her room at the Bapist Home. She is not able to go to the dining room to eat, and has very low blood pressure, with a high heart rate. She wanted to discuss "end of life" arrangements and has a plan in mind. She wants everything decided in advance.

Dad is doing fine, and still wants to have his pickup around, even if Mavis does all the driving. She took him to church this morning with the pickup, and he thought she should leave it at his house rather than take it back to hers! He has a medical appointment in Bismarck for October 30.

Marilyn and Issy have medical appointments in Bismarck October 21.


All is calm and normal here, with delightful fall weather in the mid-80's. We have been enjoying long walks at La Encantada Shopping Center every other day, after breakfast at AJ's Fine Foods. Very pleasant!

We had a bit of a thrill as we were returning from a walk a couple of days ago: there was a large bobcat standing immediately outside our front door! We are at the north edge of the city with lots of open space around us (including a golf course), and apparently the bobcat lives in the general vicinity. Fortunately, he beat a hasty retreat.

A picnic last week at Saguaro National Park was fun, although the landscape is extremely dry. We saw very few wild birds or other animals. There is concern here that the drought is so bad that many of the natural features and vegetation will be seriously damaged.

On October 21, we return to Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale for Marie's surgery follow-up appointment with the surgeon. She has been doing very well, so we expect a good report.

Otherwise we are spending lots of time on our study of the Mayo Clinic/hospital system, and a detailed comparison with the University Physicians Healthcare/University Hospital system here in Tucson. There are many similarities, but some key differences as well. Very stimulating work for a couple of retired academics who want to keep their minds working!

Derek had surgery on his shoulder last week in Des Moines, Iowa. He had a torn rotator cuff that needed repair, and is doing okay, but feels a lot of pain.

Thursday, October 08, 2009


Thanks for letting me know about Glenn. I will let Mom know. I know she always been close to Glenn. Dementia is so sad. When you think of Mom and all her health issues but she still can recognize and visit with people on her good days. I saw her yesterday and it was a rough day for her, she had dialysis and was very weak. Hopefully she will get some strength back.

Thank you so much for sending her the Blog. She always looks forward to having someone read it to her.




I don't know how to post directly on the Blog, but we are saddened and want you all to know that Glenn Winters' health has deteriorated. He has developed a foot infection that has gone into the bone. His son tells us that because of his many medical conditions, he is not a surgical candidate, and they will not be taking any aggressive steps (such as surgery). He has been approved for and is on Hospice care, and remains in a convalescent hospital, in Spokane. He was very ill a short while back and had to be resusciated twice. He recovered from that incident; however, he is not expected to recover from this condition. We just returned from seeing him in Spokane. His dementia has advanced to the point that he does not recognize anyone. We will keep you posted.

Stan & Marilynn

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Miracle Mama!

Uncle Bill,

Just wanted to let you know that mom is now out of ICU and on the mend! What a miracle she is! I spoke to her nurse first who says that they are weening her off the Dolpamine and plan to put the stent back in on Monday. The Doctor says that depending on her prognosis, she may be able to go back to the Nursing Home sometime this week. I did get to talk to her and she seemed to be in good spirits.

She says Mavis, Marilyn and Grandpa are coming today to see her and she had a visit from Carol's daughter, Jenny.

Thanks to all for the prayers. God is GOOD!

Charlie Gunther

Saturday, October 03, 2009


Uncle Bill,

Just to let you know, mom took a turn for the worse at dialysis yesterday. Her blood pressure dropped down to 20 and so they had to admit her to ICU. Linda and I were headed out to Bismarck when Cindy called to say that mom is stablizing and to wait. I contacted the nurse this morning, and mom is now stable. Her blood pressure is back up and her labs are looking better.It could be a rocky road for a few days and with mother, you never know. She has such a strong will to live and the Doctor says that although she is not out of the woods, she's doing ok for now. As long as she remains stable, we will wait to make the trip to Bismarck. Cindy, Tim and Karen are keeping vigal for now and will keep us abreast so that if she takes another turn for the worse, Linda and I will then head out to Bismarck. We're praying that she can return to the Nursing Home and will again pull out of this. She has lost a trememdous amount of weight and has a hard time talking on the phone because she just can't be without the oxygen mask. She's very weak, doesn't have an appetite (which is very unusual for mom).

We ask for prayers for mom from all of you. They do work and she is living proof of that!

Charlie Gunther