Thursday, July 19, 2007


Tentative plans have been started for a Lasseyclan reunion on Labor Day weekend (September 1-3) at Dad's place and nearby. The details have yet to be worked out, but RESERVE THE TIME ON YOUR CALENDAR NOW.

Dry camping space will be available in the back yard. For those who need hookups, Fairview has a very nice camping area in the city park (about six miles from the ranch) with electrical hookups and a dump/water fill station.

When more info is available, a notice will be mailed or published on the blog.



(sent from Iowa where we are visiting Derek and Sherrill)

Monday, July 16, 2007


Dad's Surgery

Dad came through his surgery in fine fashion, although he had to spend one night in the Williston hospital. Mavis, Marilyn and we were there with him most of Tuesday, July 10th. Dennis, now the hospital administrator, Julie, and Ashley also came by. Julie had dinner with us at a local restaurant. We enjoyed a great visit with Mary Ann, the Episcopal priest who serves the Cartwright church, and who is now the head chaplain at the hospital.

On Wednesday morning bright and early Dad was up walking around in his room, and ready to head for home about 8:00 AM. We spent the night in the parking lot just outside his room and drove him home in the motorhome. Later in the day he walked to the mailbox, a quarter mile from his house. One tough guy, for sure! That evening we all went (including Mavis and Ron) to Marilyn's for a delightful dinner and great visit.

The Ranch

Mavis took us on a tour of the ranch to see the beautiful crops. Everything looks wonderful, except for the sand bar in the river that is obstructing the flow of water to the irrigation pumps. A huge (and expensive!) machine was busy opening a channel to deeper water while we were watching. Barley harvest will be starting soon, according to Will who will be doing some of it.

It was Shawn's 38th birthday, so we had some delicious German Chocolate cake, created from scratch by Mavis, to celebrate at lunch. Ron, Luke, Will, and John (the hired man) filled us in on the challenges of farming with the costs of everything going up, up, up. It is hard for me to imagine paying $200,000 plus for a tractor!

We had a wonderful visit at Cartwright all the way around!


Dad was in the hospital on Lila's birthday, so we went to Bismarck for a proper celebration on Friday (after an overnight at T. Roosevelt National Mark near Medora)--also the occasion for family photographs of Dad and his four offspring, taken by Cindy, and displayed below. Several cameras were used (Mavis, Marilyn, and Lila's), so other photos will be available for anyone wanting enlarged copies.

We had a long and terrific lunch at Perkins, and a great dinner in the evening with Lila and Cindy after Dad, Mavis, and Marilyn headed home. It was a fun chance to catch up with family events, and we thoroughly enjoyed seeing Cindy and Don's wonderful and spacious new house.

July, 2007: DAD AND IS FOUR "KIDS"

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


We brought dad home from the hospital this morning, after an overnight stay in Williston following bladder cancer surgery. He came through it just fine and is in good spirits, and glad to be back home, needless to say. Mavis, Marilyn, Issy, Dennis, Julie, and Ashley (as well as Marie and I) visited him yesterday after he came out of surgery. His prognosis is good in the short term, but he may have to have another procedure in about three months because the cancer seems to be accumulating in his bladder faster than it has before.


We will go to Bismarck on Friday to see Lila and family. Mavis, Marilyn, and Dad may go as well for some family pictures (plans are still forming!). Lila is getting out a lot, and doing very well, despite the need for dialysis three days per week.


Cindy and Don are in their new house at:

4330 East Calgary Ave.
Bismarck, ND 58503

and are really enjoying it. There phone number remains the same. CONGRATULATIONS!


Are in their new Williston home, and enjoying it as well. They have four acres that are keeping Dennis busy with the mower. He has a new and larger machine coming soon to make yard care easier. Both Dennis and Julie are very busy in their new jobs with lots of challenges to keep them stimulated. Ashley says she is getting used to Williston and liking it. CONGRATULATIONS TO THEM, AS WELL!


We had a great visit with Dione, Saul and Mollie at Missoula, while they were in Montana (at Polson) for the Memorial for Dione and Maureen's step father, Dick. They are doing great! Mollie is in a play in Yellow Springs that started soon after they returned home. Dione starts teaching in mid-August at a school eight miles from Yellow Springs. Her primary job will be with gifted students. Saul will be moving to a new building where he will be Chairman of the Special Education program at Antioch McGregor University.


We enjoyed some terrific conversations with Mat and Maureen in Helena, and liked seeing their "modernized" house, with new floors, kitchen counters, and bright new paint. Maureen was off this week to meetings for Fannie Mae in Key West, FL, and Mat left the afternoon we were there for meetings in Billings on Montana housing. Mat is getting ready to retire next year from state employment--after thirty years!


Bill and Marie