Monday, July 26, 2010


We enjoyed two wonderful days in Grand Teton National Park, en route to visit Mat, Maureen, and Dara (who flew in from Bremerton, WA)in Helena. One of the photos is of Dara sitting in Mat and Maureen's new pontoon boat, after returning from an excursion to the Gates of the Mountains on the Missouri River. Another photo is Maureen in her boating attire. We had a grand time visiting and touring some of the sights and restaurants of historic downtown Helena.

Mat and Maureen treated us to some marvelous meals and hospitality at their beautiful house on a mountainside outside of Helena. Both of them are gourmet cooks!
The photo of Marie and Dara is on their balcony.

Maureen left this morning for a several-day conference in Washington, D.C. Mat saw us off at the Windbag Saloon and Restaurant, the former location of "Big Dorothy's," a famous Helena brothel that closed in 1973.

Tomorrow we go to Moscow, ID, to visit Sherry, Wes, Nicole, Devin (Nicole's husband), and Dustin.


Bill and Marie

Sunday, July 11, 2010


Mavis and Marilyn say that the crops on the farm are looking really good, despite the hail storms that did some damage. The rain kept things green until the last week, but irrigation is now fully underway. Dad says the beets in front of his house look great!

Lana was visiting this weekend, and took Dad home after dinner at Mavis and Ron's, to be followed by some boating on the river. Ron has his 45th class reunion next week, which probably means a big party!

There was also a boating party at a lake near Beulah, ND, that included Shawn and family, Cindy and family, Julie and family, and Tim (at least; others may have been there as well).

Marilyn and Issy were in Fargo over Independence Day weekend, enjoying the company of Susan and Harvey, Julie and Ashley, and Carol (plus others that I don't know about!). They leave on next Monday for a trip to Michigan to see some friends of theirs who also spend winters in Yuma.

You can tell that the oil drilling activity is heating up in North Dakota and Montana by all the letters we are getting with offers to purchase our minerals. We may have to put up "not for sale" signs!

We have a new "toy" that we are really enjoying--a Kindle reader that enables us to read books and newspapers electronically from without having to buy the paper versions. It will be handy for our upcoming trip to visit family in Washington, Montana, North Dakota, Iowa, and Ohio! I just finished "The Big Short" about the Wall Street financial meltdown and what caused it. Both of us really enjoyed "The Promise" about the first year of the Obama Presidency.


Bill and Marie