Monday, July 31, 2006


The barley crop is terrific, running 90 to 115 bushels per acre--so much product that the storage bins are filling and the barley plant is so busy that it takes most of a day to get one truck unloaded--all that according to Mavis and Dad on the phone yesterday. The beets are looking good too, and soaking up all the water that the system will pump, so maybe (assuming no hail) it will be a year of bumper crops. Great news!

It was 101 degrees at 1:00 pm yesterday, and likely hit 105 in the later afternoon(while we suffered at 83 in Tucson! In fact, we have had 8.5 inches of rain in the past week, more than fell all of last year!! The desert is lush and beautiful, and the rivers are overflowing. It is quite amazing to see.)

Will and Trista are settled in their new home in Cartwright, although Will is spending most of his time in the cab of the combine these days. Mavis also reports that Abbie, Luke and Tara's new baby, is very cute. Couldn't be any grandmotherly bias there, of course.

Dad says he gets out walking to survey the crops, and stay healthy, whenever it isn't too hot. And, he says he feels pretty good for a 92-year-old! Amen for that!

So, it sounds like the home base is functioning very well. Always glad to hear that!


Thursday, July 27, 2006

And From Charlie!

It was great seeing everyone. We had a great time and I was sorry to see it end. Just not enough time to enjoy everyone's company.

I ditto Linda's sentiments about what a great expanded family we have. My friends and co-workers marvel at the fact that my grandfather is still alive. Pretty cool for a "soon to be" 52-year-old lady!

Special thanks go out to Tracy and Shawn, Mavis and Ron, Cindy and Donny for keeping us entertained and well fed. Also, thanks to Mat for driving us around on the lake in the pontoon while Marueen sat on shore roasting to death! What a great group of relatives. Even if we weren't related, I'd still pick you all to hang with! For those of you who missed out, there's always next year, but ya gotta come in order to enjoy!

Charlie Gunther

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Linda's Reactions

Hi all,

We all had a great time! I want to especially thank Cindy & Donny, Shawn & Tracy, and Mavis and Ron, for all the work, and fun we had. Don, you gave my grandchildren a memory making weekend! Cindy, what would we do without your dedication to our family; between you and Mavis I think all of us will always be connected! Ron, Mavis, Shawn & Tracy: thank you for entertaining us with boating! I'm so exhasuted from being in the sun, it will take all week to catch up on my energy! My only regret is that I didn't get to visit enough with everyone!

While sitting with Grandpa Saturday night, I realized how lucky we all are to have so much family and we even LIKE each other! What a blessing! I would love to all get together again, maybe a campout on the farm!


Monday, July 24, 2006

LasseyClan: More Pictures

LasseyClan: More Pictures

This is great! It looks like we missed out on a good time! Thanks for sharing.

More Pictures

Marilyn, Matt, Issy, Maureen, Julie and Grandpa enjoying Marilyn's caramel rolls before leaving Sunday morning

Grandpa Lassey Sunday morning
(doesn't he always pose so nicely?)

Molly, Dione, Grandpa, Shawn, Whitney and Cindy
saying goodbye on Sunday

Issy, Cindy, Marilyn and Tracy


Sunday, July 23, 2006

More Pictures

Another attempt...

Molly, Amber and Dani in the "North Dakota hot tub"

Shawn and Maureen

Ryan, Shelly and Charlie

Linda and Dione

Dione, Marilyn and Saul

Pictures from the reunion

Hello everyone,

Here are a few pictures I took at the reunion. This is my first attempt ever at posting them to a site so if it goes terribly wrong, I apologize!

I had a wonderful time visiting with everyone. It was so fun to watch all the kids play and get to know one another. I hope we make time to this more often!



Ashley Goebel, Marilyn's back, and Grandpa

Saturday on Lake Sakakawea

Sara Klym, Gavin Herzog?, and Ashley Goebel swimming

Maureen Rude, Shawn Berry and a few of his toys, Dani Berry, Ashley Goebel and Whitney Klym in life jacket?

Dan Goebel and Brett Berry discussing strategy to soak Ashley with the supersoaker

Shawn Berry, Ashley Goebel, Brett Berry and Gary Hirsch?

Monday, July 10, 2006

Lassey Clan Reunion Participants

The following Lassey Clan members (50 in all!) participated:

William Lassey
Ron and Mavis Berry
Shawn, Tracy, Brett, Cole, Amber & Dani Berry
Dennis, Julie, Dan and Ashley Goebel
Dione, Saul, and Mollie Greenberg
Charlene and Ryan Gunther
Jody, Ben, Gavin, & Hope Herzog
Don, Cindy, Christopher, Whitney, Sarah, & Amanda Klym
Julie Leatherman
Michelle, Gary, Tristin, & Kaylee Hirsch
Mat and Maureen Rude
Issy and Marilyn Sackman
Tim Stewart
Jim and Sylvia Stewart
Tracy and Karen Whitney
Shawn, Jamie, Dustin & Brett Whitney
Dallas and Linda Wildman
Jenny Wildman
Missy & Alex Woyan