Sunday, June 27, 2010


Friday, June 25, 2010


Mavis said today that hail storms have done a lot of damage to the crops in several locations. It has rained or hailed almost every day lately, which means no irrigating is required--but spoiled crops have resulted. That is really too bad, when a good yield was likely without the hail.

The new town hall and fire station in Cartwright will be "dedicated" on July 2, with everyone invited to participate. It looks good in the photos, and should be a great gathering spot over the years.

The demand for housing all around the area is continuing to increase because of oil drilling activity. Ron Shaide said there were 129 drilling rigs at work in North Dakota, with lots of big producing wells. People are moving into former stores on Fairview's main street, and into any other kind of liveable accommodation available.

Julie has moved into her new house in Minot and really likes it!

Dad is doing well but has the usual trouble remembering things. Rhonda was there yesterday and Vicki was there today helping him out. He told me "life is going pretty good," and the beets are growing well in front of his house. He continues to be cheerful and has a good attitude about his increasing age!

We'll be in Cartwright August 3-5, if all goes well, and are looking forward to a good visit with everybody!


Mat has really been enjoying their new boat, and has been quite successful catching big trout. Maureen participated (helped organize) in a state-wide housing conference and was master of ceremonies for an evening event.

We plan to be in Helena for a visit July 23-25, with Dara joining us. Should be great fun!


Bill and Marie

Tuesday, June 01, 2010


We had a great visit with Dara and Madelyn in Scottsdale over Memorial Day weekend! They stayed at the Westin Hotel down the street from our condo, making the various excursions for food and drink easy and fun (we do not, unfortunately, have a spare bedroom!). Both of them are doing extremely well in their jobs, and they love what they are doing in the Central Kitsap School District (Madelyn is head of the Math Dept at Olympic High School, and Dara is in the district office where she manages the student-funded accounts).

Madelyn cooked us a delicious French toast breakfast one day, and we treated ourselves to several tasty meals at restaurants in nearby Kierland Commons--particularly appreciating the uniqueness of Tommy Bahama's and PF Changs. They took advantage of the Agave Spa at the Westin, and the Etch Salon in the Commons for spiffy hair coloring.

They called Derek while they were here, and learned that he is also really enjoying his new job in materials management for the Iowa Department of Transportation district where he is located. He spent part of his Memorial Day weekend playing golf, which he thoroughly enjoys as well. He obviously appreciated getting a call from his younger sister, and Dara liked catching up on his life!

The weather cooperated pretty well for them, with temperatures under 100 degrees most of the time. Even so, it was a good deal warmer than they are accustomed to in Washington.


Bill and Marie