Monday, March 22, 2010


Susan and Harvey had a winter vacation in southern Arizona and California, visiting Marilyn and Issy and traveling around the area. They report a very enjoyable trip, and especially liked touring through the agricultural areas. Harvey particularly liked sampling all the citrus fruit! They liked seeing the winter home where Marilyn and Issy have spent the last several years, while also meeting some of the "card-playing friends."


Maureen and Mat have just returned from a great trip to Costa Rica, where they spent a week on a sailing ship along the coast. We expect more details and some photos from them soon!

Just before heading to Costa Rica, Maureen was in Louisiana for a week at a conference on rural housing, and Mat was in San Diego for a hospital meeting related to his hospital board member responsibilities.


We are about packed for our move to Scottsdale on April 1. The new address is:

15221 N. Clubgate Dr. #1081
Scottsdale, AZ 85254

Phone and e-mail will stay the same.


Bill and Marie

Sunday, March 07, 2010


Dad celebrated his 96th birthday with several events: a birthday cake with Mavis and Julie on the evening of March 1; lunch out at the South 40 in Sidney on March 2, with Mavis, Ron, and others; cake and party at the church on Sunday; and birthday cake with Bill Dobias at the Lodge (where Bill D. lives) in Sidney. He said he had a pretty good time for an "old" man! He is getting tired of the snow and is ready for some green scenery! Lana was there giving him a haircut.

The calves are beginning to arrive, but 18 inches of snow is making it difficult for the calving crew! It is hard to get around with the pickups, so snomobiles are used as alternate transportation. It has been very foggy and dreary.

Shawn and Tracy have purchased a 42 foot motorhome with four slide-outs, and plan to use it partly for an traveling office related to Shawn's job--since he does a huge amount of traveling.

Another oil well has been identified for drilling about two miles east of Ron & Mavis' house in the cattle reserve.

Mavis and Ron are going to change their phone system to Alltel, which should give them a better wireless Internet connection, so they can read the Blog easier, and send us all more e-mails!


Bill & Marie

Saturday, March 06, 2010



We were sad to learn this week that Glenn Winters passed away in Spokane. The last period of his life was difficult, and we have not seen him for awhile. We certainly have great memories of a wonderful person who really liked coming to visit the family in the Cartwright area when he was able to travel. He will be missed.


We signed a lease today for a condo in Scottsdale, where we will move at the end of March. It is near Kierland Commons (a really interesting upscale shopping and restaurant area) in the north part of the city, and will be a great place for walking. It is also within about 10 minutes of the Mayo Clinic Hospital--one of the primary reasons we are moving. The hospital has the reputation of being the best in Arizona, and among the best in the country.

Unfortunately, I visited the Emergency Room of University Hospital in Tucson earlier in the week, in the middle of the night, after developing symptoms of a possible stroke or heart attack. After nine hours of tests and seeing four doctors, the evidence was that there was no heart attack or stroke. We got a lot of mixed signals, and varying negative experiences, that made us think it was not the place to go for a serious condition. So, I checked out against the last doctor's advice, and headed for Scottsdale where I had further tests (mostly gastrointestingal)the next day at Mayo Clinic. They did not identify anything serious, although all of the tests are not complete. It was another very good Mayo Clinic experience!


Bill and Marie


Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Fwd: Emma 8 months old

Emma 8 months old

Here are a few pictures of Emma's last month and her 8 month photo. She attended her first Ash Wednesday mass and has been experimenting using a spoon on her own. She managed to roll over, sit up, learn to give kisses (or licks) and cut two teeth all in one month! She's pretty awesome!

All Our Love, Jenny, Brad and Emma