Saturday, December 04, 2010


We happily celebrated our 37th wedding anniversary on December 3, with outings at two of our favorite places: the Camelback Inn for breakfast, and the Phoenician Hotel, where the gingerbread house (250 hours of construction from real gingerbread!) and Christmas tree were displayed. Beautiful place all around with great entertainment and food.


Charlie sent a note indicating that Jay Pfau died on November 30 at age 55. He was the second son of Pete and Jean Pfau (our first cousin). Jay was state wrestling chanpion when in high school, and was also a football star.

Charlie is retiring from federal service on December 31 after 35 years. She is ready for some rest from a stressful job--that has been affecting her health. She is going through some tests to pinpoint, and deal with, the problems, after which she plans to get a part-time "easier" job to keep her busy.

Their family is doing great, and will be getting together in Miles City for Christmas. Michelle and family, and Ryan, live there, where Michelle works for the Miles City Star doing graphics. Her husband and Ryan both work for Mid-Rivers phone/cable/Internet services as installers of communication systems. Grandchildren Tristan (10) and Kaylee (6) are very active and adorable youngsters, according to their grandmother!


Bill and Marie