Saturday, August 09, 2008


We took a walk in Saguaro National Park East this morning, as displayed in the photos. There has been lots of rain, so the Park is really green and beautiful.

Mavis says much of the combining is over, with barley going around 65 bushels per acre--much less than usual. Some of it was hailed, and is yielding even less.

Mavis and Ron are on a motorcycle trip to the big rally around Sturgis, SD. Shawn, Tracy, Will and Luke have already been there--mingling with 250,000 or so other bikers.

Marilyn says Lila is doing much better, getting out of her room and going out for meals. He ability to recover from serious illness is quite amazing!


Bill and Marie

Sunday, August 03, 2008



We walked to Dad and Lila this morning, and were delighted to learn that both are doing well! Dad says he is getting lazier every day! He went to church this morning, and enjoying talking to Bill Dobias, among others. The barley was harvested in front of his house, and yielded well. Abbie has been entertaining him, and he enjoys having her around regularly! He has not heard anything about any new oil drilling prospects.

Lila is out of "isolation" and is feeling better, although she is weak and shaky because of little activity for a month. She is eating in the dining room again instead of her room. She went with Cindy, Sara and Whitney to see their play last night in which Sara and Whitney had parts. Linda and Charlene were in Bismarck last weekend, and helped host a 75th birthday party for Lila at Cindys, with decorations and lots of celebration! Lila seemed quite pleased at being treated so well by her family. All of them are doing well, which of course pleases Lila!


It is nice to be back in Tucson, although it is a bit warm. The monsoon rains (3.5 inches in July!) have really done wonders to create a very green desert all around us--particularly from our several windows facing east. Nice!

We enjoy cool walks nearly every morning to the nearby La Encantada shopping area--for coffee and bagels, with lots of other earlier morning bikers and walkers. Very pleasant!

Unfortunately, the USBank that we use about a block away was robbed three weeks ago by three men wearing ski masks. They tied up employees and customers and managed to escape with a considerable haul, although the bank won't say how much. A guard now stands by the door as you enter the bank! Employees were "all shook up," as you can imagine. We get a little shaky just walking in the door!

We are on the "tail end" of editing our memoirs, hoping to have them off to the publisher by the end of August! That will be a relief, but it has been fun to work on.


Bill and Marie