Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Marilyn and Issy are looking forward to the upcoming visit of Susan and Harvey next week (March 4-9); they have not been to Yuma before, so it is a new adventure for them, and a chance to get out of the northern snow for a few days. Susan's clinical psychology practice with Mayo Clinic is getting busier and busier, with appointments stretching into June.

I first talked to Marilyn when she and Issy were in the middle of a card game with some of their friends from Michigan--who happen to be of Belgian descent, and whose family lived close to where Hedwig lived in Belgium. They have been playing cards together for 12 years, often twice a week!

Julie says they have sold their Williston house and she is beginning the search for a place in Minot--where her company is building a new office. In the meantime she continues to commute between Minot and Williston.

Marilyn and Issy are planning to drive home to Sidney starting March 15.

Sunday, February 21, 2010


Mavis and Ron were planning a vacation trip to Honduras, which got canceled because of a medical concern, so instead, with Tracy's travel-planning help, they went to Hawaii for 10 days. Mavis said they had a grand time, walking on the beach, driving to the top of a volcano, taking boat trips, and just relaxing. Good for them! They needed a break before calving time.

Luke is in Jamaica vacationing, after holding down the ranch while others were gone. Shawn, Tracy, and all the family are on an island near the Bahamas. They have purchased a motorhome for family travel this summer. Will is in Honduras finishing a training program in diving. A lady from Montana runs the dive shop where he is training. He took a long trip around Central America, visiting several of the countries where I traveled many long years ago.

Dad says he is doing well, and is enjoying having new carpet in his kitchen, dining room, and laundry room. He will soon have new toilets in both upstairs bathrooms. Rhonda Lassey and Vicki Dunbar looked in on him every day while Mavis, Ron and Luke were gone.

Good news on the mineral front! The oil wells are growing and flowing in the Williston Basin area. One company is planning to drill 1500 wells in the immediate vicinity. Recent wells have produced between 2500 and 3400 barrels per day! One of the consequences is full motels, hotels, and apartments everywhere in the area, which should be really good for the local economy.

Tucson has been enjoying lots of rain. Consequently, the desert is very green and lush--quite a contrast to the way it was last summer and fall. We had a great picnic at Saguaro National Park on President's Day, and thoroughly enjoyed a long walk among the saguaros. Some of the largest in Arizona--50 feet tall and more--are located along the trail.


Bill and Marie

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Cindy sent these very nice photos of various family members, taken at Christmas in Bismarck and at Cartwright during the post-funeral family gathering!