Monday, September 06, 2010


The flowers are in celebration of Marie's 76th birthday--enjoyed last evening during a delicious dinner, with a fantastic view overlooking Paradise Valley in a beautiful restaurant called The Elements, on the north side of Camelback Mountain (one of the important landmarks in the Phoenix area).

We had a grand time, partly because we were served by a great waiter--who was formerly an airline pilot. He and his wife moved here from Southern California because she was unable to get a teaching job there, but got one here. However, he has not yet been able to get a pilot's job, so is waiting tables in the meantime. It was quite a story of a couple that has had to make major adjustments because of the bad economy.


We received a very nice note from Charlie, who says they are doing fine. She is contemplating retirement at the end of the year, but may wait until April, 2011, because of the logjam of federal retirees in January that delays intial retirement checks. She plans to get a part-time job to keep active, while supplementing her income. She says it is scary to think of losing the full paycheck! Terry wants to work until age 65, but has very poor circulation in his legs, complicated by being on his feet all day at work--and possibly forcing him to retire earlier.


Dara started a new and much better job last week. She was invited by her administrators to take the position of Assistant Human Resource Director for the school district where she has been working for the past several years. It was quite an honor for her, and was earned, we are told, because she has done such an outstanding job in her previous positions.


We had intended to leave this week for Ohio and Iowa to see Dione, Saul, Mollie, Derek and Sherill. However, after feedback from a doctor's appointment last week we decided it was not wise to make the trip at this time. Both of us need some additional tests to determine what ails us! Nothing serious, we hope.

Now, we are trying to talk them into coming to visit us! We'll see how that works out.


Bill and Marie