Sunday, April 25, 2010



Maureen and Lana drove to Cartwright on the weekend, where they celebrated Maureen's birthday, enjoying the new calves, among other outings, and a family gathering for dinner at the Powder Keg in Fairview on Sunday--where we caught up with them by cell phone. All the noise in the background, including Abbie's chatter, made it sound like quite a party! Maureen said they had stopped at a quilt show in Glendive en route--a first experience for her.

Tim was also at the farm, staying at Dad's, making for a good visit with him, as well as Amber, Dany, Abbie (all of them "too cute" Maureen says), Luke, and the other family. Lana made an angel food birthday cake to supplement chocolate chip cookies for the Sunday evening meal.

Mavis said that spring's work on the farm was well underway, with the barley and wheat planted and most of the beets done as well. Of course there are dozens of new calves, including some that needed to be bottle-fed by Lana and Maureen!

Julie has purchased a house in Minot!


We had a great time yesterday (Saturday) hosting lunch for a long-time friend, Jim Barron, (and his wife, Karen, whom we met for the first time) from our Washington State University Days. They were traveling through by motorhome. He and I did several projects and publications together over several years, but we had not seen him for more than 15 years. It was really fun to get reaquainted!


Bill and Marie

Sunday, April 11, 2010


The photos are of our backyard looking out on the Kierland Golf Course; and, the pool and flowers around the nearby Kierland Westin Hotel (a 15-minute walk)--all quite beautiful.

It is nice to be settled after ten days of unpacking. We are finding this new spot much to our liking. It is a 25-minute walk past the Hotel and through Kierland Commons (an upscale "urban village")to the nearest Starbucks Coffee Shop, a journey we have made several times already since arriving. Good for our physical and mental well-being!!

The new address is: 15221 N. Clubgate Dr. #1081, Scottsdale, AZ 85254.
The new e-mail address:
Phone is the same: 520-906-8339.


The calves are arriving in abundance, with the snow all melted and preparations underway for spring farming. Ron, Luke, and Will have largely completed a new garage at Will's place near Cartwright, and a new sprinkler pivot is about finished on the Shaide place north of the farmstead. Mavis says she now has a wireless Internet card for her new laptop, but does not yet have it up and working.

Shawn and Tracy went to California last week to pick up their motorhome, while the four young'uns stayed with Mavis and Ron. A good time was being had by all in the background while we were on the phone with Mavis, Dad, and Marilyn!

Julie, Carol, and Susan were all together in Minnesota for Easter, but Marilyn and Issy decided they had done enough traveling for awhile after driving from Yuma to Sidney. Besides, Marilyn needs to tend to her new blooming flowers, and Issy must keep the grass mowed.

Dad says it is really looking like spring, and he is enjoying watching the new calves as the grass turns green. He says he is feeling good!


Mat and Maureen really enjoyed their trip to, and around, Costa Rica. Their small ship (about 120 passengers) was a great way to see the tropical coast line, and to explore the small towns and rain forest along the coast. They had a terrific guide who explained what was significant about what they were seeing. It was hot along the coast but cool and pleasant in the high country (7000 feet) around San Jose and in the nearby mountains. They took a zipline (essentially a suspended chair strung on a cable) through the forest canopy--quite exciting and a bit scary. The Costa Ricans were most hospitable and fun to talk to! (For those not in the know, Maureen spent two years in Costa Rica with her parents in 1963-65--at age 1-3).

Maureen has been appointed to the Federal home Loan Bank Advisory Board (nice!), and attended a first meeting in Seattle.


Dione, Saul, and Mollie had a wonderful week in New York City and vicinity, staying with Saul's brother in New Jersey, and traveling into the city by train. They saw a broadway play called "Mama Mia," visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art, visited Princeton and Columbia Universities (so Mollie could see what prestigeous universities are like), saw Chinatown via subway, encountered the Governor of New York, and generally enjoyed the whole experience. They saw several of Sauls relatives along the way.

Mollie continues to really enjoy the Miami Valley School, and has been engaging in lots of 7th grade activities. She recently scored well on the Scholastic Achievement Test, and will be attending a summer camp for some specialized learning.

That's it for now!

Bill and Marie

Thursday, April 08, 2010

The Rude's Visit Costa Rica

Maureen and Mat spent 10 days in Costa Rica--at Arenal volcano and then on a Windstar cruise for a week. Very hot, but wonderful people, beautiful places to visit, and a relaxing time!
The fellow in the photo is Carlos, who was the "naturalist" on our ship, and gave us great ideas of places to go and things to see, as well as some local "Tico" flavor. As many of you may recall, our family lived in Costa Rica when I was a baby, moving back to Montana before I turned 3. I had always wanted to go there and see the country I heard my folks talk about. I am sure it has changed much since 45 (!!) years ago, but I enjoyed getting to see the country. I especially enjoyed the culture and the warmth of the people--although I will admit the warmth of the coast was a bit overwhelming. I have heard it called "Tosta Rica" from other people who traveled there.