Sunday, April 15, 2007


The garden is not planted. The weather has not been conducive for planting yet. It is so wet out there, we will have to wait until it dries. I do have tulips in bloom and the rest of them have nice buds.

We just finished going completely through the house I own on 11th Ave., SW. I knew when I left Yuma that the renters had purchased a house and I suspected the house would need major maintenance. We painted everything, four bedrooms, two baths, a large rec room downstairs, kitchen, dining, living rooms on the main floor. I even painted the utility room floor downstairs. It is a bigger house than I thought it was. Issy repaired everything that needed it while I painted. THE NEW RENTERS MOVED IN TODAY, so we are done with it now. It almost looked new after the new carpet and linoleum. They were so excited about finding a nice home to rent.

Next week, Wednesday through Friday, we are going to Garrison to stay with Ashley while Julie attends a convention in Denver. I think Ashley will come back to Williston with us on Friday and stay with her Dad until Sunday, as she has a dance recital that day. They are soooo busy. I could not take that pace anymore.

We have appointments in Bismarck with the cardiologist on May 2, and will take Dad with us to have his pacemaker checked. And, of course we'll see Lila.


Marilyn and Issy


Sorry to hear your plans were thwarted, but glad you are doing ok. I got a nasty bug, and after two weeks still have a cough. I spent one whole weekend in bed with a fever!

I have decided to paint the kitchen and living room, so my next few weekends will be occupied. We are getting new countertops and new flooring in the kitchen and new flooring in the living room and hallway, so I figured it was a good time to paint.

Sorry to hear about the real estate situation there. Your timing was good for a while, wasn't it? I think it will come back. Everyone is just panicking about real estate right now.

Love you,


Saturday, April 14, 2007


Dad has some new entertainment at his house: a colorful Easter chick, and a new puppy! Mavis says he is really enjoying both, thanks to Luke. He went with Mavis and Ron to Trista and Tara's parents for Easter, and was among nine grandparents of Abbie, all gathered in one place! They played cards which dad seemed to also really enjoy.

The farming has been delayed by the cool and snowy weather for many days now. But, it sounds like full speed ahead this next week. Around 250 calves have arrived so far.

Mavis and Ron were going to a wedding and wedding dance this afternoon and evening for two of their long-time neighbors: Butch Keykendahl (sp) and the widow of another neighbor. He is 62 and has never been married! How about that??

Will and Trista had a grand time on their South American adventure, and are full of stories about their many excursions to remote places. Unfortunately, Will has not been feeling all that well, and may have acquired some ailment along the way.

Dennis and Julie have made an offer on a house in Williston, and are getting ready for the big move soon. Their other house is on the market but has not yet sold. Ashley is very occupied with all of the end-of-the-year stuff at school, and Julie is extremely busy trying to keep up with it all.

Cindy and Don had their house sold, they thought, but the purchaser changed his mind, so they have to start over. That has to be a big disappointment!

Bill and Marie had a very short 10-day trip in the motorhome, interrupted after the two lovely days (Picacho Peak State Park, Nordstrom in Scottsdale, and Usery Mt. Regional Park near Mesa!) by a nasty bug that is now being attacked with antibiotics and codeine. We are back at home until further notice. Fortunately, the recovery from throat surgery went smoothly with no noticeable remaining ill effects.

We had enough rain two days ago to brighten up the beautifully flowering trees, cacti, bushes, and other plants around our yard. Spring is gorgeous in Tucson!


Bill and Marie

Saturday, April 07, 2007


Lila is looking forward to celebrating Easter with Cindy, Don, and their family, in their old house that they have sold. Their new house is all framed up, with plans to move in sometime in June. They had just returned from a visit to Las Vegas! Lila says she is doing pretty well, but has trouble with cramps while in dialysis.

Charlie, Shelly, and her two kids were in Bismarck last week. They took Lila with them to Karen's for lunch, among other events during their visit. Karen's house is getting remodeled and repainted. Julie, Karen's oldest daughter, is getting married in Iowa, and they plan to be there for the event.

Tim hosted a birthday party for his Dad, Jim, at his condo; Lila enjoyed getting out for that. She is obviously having quite an active social life!

Linda is still doing her former supervisor's job, although she says she does not want to be "promoted" on a permanent basis. More on that story later. Keep us informed, Linda!

Friday, April 06, 2007


We hope everyone who reads this has a great "spring" holiday! Sounds like it is mighty cool where many of you live. Fortunately, it is only supposed to be 85 degrees in Tucson! It has been over 90 for several recent days.

Mavis and Ron picked up Will and Trista in Billings on April 2 (after delivering a truck they sold to a guy from Eureka). They were full of travel tales indicating a really good trip and were glad to be home. Hopefully, they will bless us a summary with photos, that can be posted to the Blog sooner rather than later! (Just a modest hint!).

Dad is reported to be his usual happy self, as is his son--now largely recovered from surgery except for a continuing liquid diet. I had a second barium swallow fluroscope yesterday to check on the state of my throat, but do not yet have a report from the surgeon. Real, solid, delicious food will be a most welcome change after more than two weeks!

Happy Easter,

Bill and Marie