Monday, September 28, 2009


Celebrating 75 years (3/4 of a Century!) is not bad when you get treated well! A friend of ours blessed us (for both of our birthdays) with the beautiful display of flowers and a personalized birthday cake, at one of our favorite spots: AJ's Fine Foods. The flowers continue to be delightful and aromatic, although the cake is gone, having satisfied our taste buds several times. What a treat!

Yesterday, Marie treated me to a steak breakfast at home, and then took me out in the afternoon for good wine and treats at a gorgeous restaurant near the new Ritz-Carleton Hotel on the north edge of Tucson. It was a great day, with lots of nice messages from family.


When we talked to Lila yesterday, we were pleased that she was in her Baptist Home room, rather than the hospital, but were sorry that she was suffering from a bad stomach day, and was not feeling at all well. Nonetheless, she had been enjoying chances to sit outside in the beautiful fall weather. She is confined to a wheel chair most of the time because she must wear an oxygen mask which is difficult when trying to walk.


Mavis said the corn harvest is done, and was abundant! The beets look really good, and will be harvested starting this week. It has been a GOOD year with the farming!

Marilyn and Issy are doing well, and are enjoying the great fall weather before they contemplate heading south to Yuma (where it was 106 yesterday!) for the winter months. Issy's daughter also has a birthday on September 27th.

Dad sounded great on the phone. He was enjoying pizza with all the family at Mavis and Ron's! The house must have been full of grandkids because I could hardly hear the conversation!

Emma at 3 months old

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Emma turned 3 months old today!  She weighs 11 lbs. 8 oz.; She has officially found her hands and is beginning to laugh. She is easily amused with Brad's goofy songs and fart noises! Grandpa Dallas and Grandma Linda are totally in love. Grandpa Dallas changed a "not-so-friendly" diaper and smiled the entire time! We talk about Great Grandma Lila a lot. Emma falls asleep every night to Grandma Lila's famous "He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not" song. As the days move along, we find ourselves engrossed with our daughter and could not imagine our lives any different.

All Our Love,

Jenny and Brad Malloy

Monday, September 14, 2009

New family member, from Marilyn

On Sept. 8th, Becky Sue Kvande and her boyfriend, Ken, had a baby girl named "Millie" (Mildred, after her grandmother Kvande). She weighed 7 lb, 4 oz, and is a really cute little thing. She has lots of dark hair with a curl on top. Just a sweetie!! Susan and Harv plan to come this weekend to see the new grandaughter and for Susan's Birthday.

Not much other news here. We have just been working on the rentals and keeping ourselves busy.

Love, Marilyn


The grain harvest is over and the corn cutting is in full swing, with good yields all around, according to Mavis. However, grain prices are low, so the grain bins are full. There was lots of rain in July, which means the pastures are good, and the Sudan Grass (for hay) is bountiful.

Dad is doing fine, although he gained quite a bit of weight because of congestive heart failure. He is on water pills, and is losing the weight, but needs to be monitored closely. He gets weighed nearly every day. He sleeps a lot in his big chair and at Mavis'.

He said he was going to live to be 100! And, he said, that is not very far away!

Marilyn and Julie came over to help process the sweet corn, in the midst of which Mavis had to go to Brett's football game in Fairview. He is doing very well! The team quarterback is Monte Cayco, Sharon and Andy's grandson, who is also a really good player.

Preparations are underway for beet harvest, starting October 1.

Amber and Abbie were keeping Mavis entertained.


Lila was back in the hospital for a few days, after a serious bloody nose. She lost so much blood she needed a transfusion. She now has to wear an oxygen mask, and must eat liquid food. She was able to return to the Baptist Home and was well enough to go out to lunch last week. She has lost a bunch of weight.

Your family reporter,


Thursday, September 10, 2009


We had a nice party for Mat's 50th birthday and our 20th Anniversary, with a couple of surprises, notably my friend Jeni and her husband who live in Virginia showed up at our door. They were in Bozeman visiting family and drove up for the day. Mat's youngest brother, Jason, and his family, also came.

For Labor Day, we went to the Griz (University of Montana) football game in Missoula on Saturday, and then spent the rest of the weekend working around the house. We have a lot of dead trees from the pine beetle infestation, and we have some people who have agreed to cut the trees if they can have the wood. Works well for us as we would have to pay alot to get someone to do it. We have lots of trees, but you would be amazed at how many are dead and "red".

It was great to be back in the stadium with 25,000 of our closest friends!

Sounds like you had a good birthday celebration for Marie!

Good to hear from you.



Dad says he is sitting around lazy as can be, but everything is going pretty good. The grain is all harvested, and they are about to start cutting corn. The grain yields were good, and the beets look good.

He has a cold and sore throat but it isn't bothering him that much. He just takes what comes, no matter what, and does the best he can; that's all he can do. Watching what goes on outside his window is a pretty good job! There has been quite a bit of rain so the hills and fields are green. It looks good! He says he is doing pretty good for an "old man."

As transcribed by Bill!

Saturday, September 05, 2009


The photos include the exterior and lobby of the beautiful Mayo Clinic Hospital in Phoenix--a great place for medical care, we have discovered!


First of all - I am glad to hear that Marie is recovering well and that the hospital stay went so well.

Life at Miami Valley School is wonderful for Mollie. She is taking Mandarin Chinese and Albegra this year (she's in 7th grade; Algebra is taught in 9th grade in public school). She is doing well in both, as well as in all her other subjects. She is quite the academic - like her grandparents! She is also playing the saxophone and is in the Jazz Band as a beginner, and that is kind of a neat thing. After school she takes piano once per week and will be taking a Theater Conservatory this fall where she will learn more about acting and will also take voice and dance classes from professional actors and dancers. It should be a really high quality experience.

I am loving my job this year. I have gifted students for their core Language Arts class, which means I have them every day. I enjoy that much more than the enrichment classes I was doing with them once per week, because I am their teacher of record and can make more headway with them. I also have a better relationship with the kids because I see them every day. The kids I have are really smart and it is so fun to work with them. I'm teaching mythology to the 6th graders, mysteries (Sherlock Holmes and Agatha Christie) to the 7th graders, and a unit on the Holocaust to the 8th graders. It's interesting and stimulating for me as well as for the kids. Also, the school remodeled a nice room for me this year, so I have a big room right in the center of the school. For the last two years I was in the basement of the gym, so this is a big step up!!

Saul has a few weeks break from teaching, although he has his other professorly duties to attend to right now. Next week is orientation for the new students at Antioch/McGregor, so he will be back in the saddle soon. He really enjoys teaching the students, but dislikes going to meetings.

Love, Dione


We celebrated the beginning of Labor Day weekend with breakfast for Marie's 75th Birthday at the Westin La Paloma Hotel down the street from our condo, and then had a late afternoon outing at the Acacia Restaurant, also nearby. Advancing age isn't all that bad when there are some nice rewards!

Marie is doing very well after surgery a week ago, and even went for several walks around the neighborhood since coming home from the hospital. We go back to Scottsdale on Tuesday for her first follow-up appointment at Mayo Clinic.


Lila was out of the hospital and back at the Baptist Home, but was not feeling that great when we talked to her last week. She is concerned that she might have to have a feeding tube installed because her food goes into her lungs when she eats, causing pneumonia.