Saturday, February 28, 2009


Things are going well- glad you saw the photos of the princess girl. Also, you can see a photo of my students (and a bad one of me) on my school's website. Google Xenia Community Schools - top left click on Schools - click on Central Middle School and the website will come up with a description of a unit I did with the kids about mysteries. You might enjoy it!

We are very, very busy. Just today I finished all my coursework for my Gifted License, so I am all done with graduate work for awhile. Since I will have to continue professional development in perpetuity I may just start on a self-paced PhD so that my continuing education credits can go toward something - but I don't know about that yet.

Mollie is going to start track soon and just started piano lessons. She has just earned enough money to buy herself an i-phone - an all day project for Saul today!! She has some great friends and we are meeting one of the families for dinner tonight at a Thai restaurant!

Saul is doing very well at Antioch and is very active in the community here in Yellow Springs. He's on the boards of several organizations and is integrating his community work with his work at McGregor.

We just ordered $500 worth of fruit and nut trees, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries and asparagus to plant in our yard. Our next order will be for seeds for vegetables and edible flowers. We are going to have a busy year of creating our edible forest garden - a lifetime project.

If you want to see photos of Mollie in the Miami Valley School play, go to their website. Put your cursor on "Current families" - "photo albums" and then click on "Middle School". In the listof photos you'll see "The Phantom Tollbooth". Mollie is a princess and looks quite lovely!




We talked to Lila today, and she is doing quite well. She said she was really enjoying FABULOUS JOURNEY, even though she has to read it with a magnifying glass!

Cindy and Don are in Cancun, Mexico, with a group from Don's business organization.


Tomorrow, March 2, is Dad's 95th birthday! CONGRATULATIONS! Various small parties are going on, but no big event this year.

Mavis and Ron had a grand time in Hawaii. They rented a condo, where Lana stayed with them for the time she was also there. They walked 5 miles on the beach nearly every day!

The cattle market is not good, and down substantially from last year. As of last weekend the calves had not yet been sold. The plan is to plant 1000 acres of beets this year, since that remains the best cash crop.

Dad got along just fine while Ron and Mavis were gone, with help from Luke, Rhonda, Will, Trista, Shawn, Tracy, and others. He has been reading FABULOUS JOURNEY, and says it brings back lots of memories. (That makes it all worthwhile from our viewpoint!)

Luke has been hauling hay from South Dakota, because very little is available in the area and is horribly expensive.


We were invited to a neighborhood party on Friday night at the ome of folks across the street from us. It was delightful, and enabled us to meet people we had not seen since we arrived here three years ago. We'll probably see more of them now that we are better acquainted!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


We had a great visit with Marilyn Issy at their park model home in Yuma. It is a very comfortable and attractive place! Marilyn served us a wonderful turkey dinner with all the trimmings, and delicious chocolate cake for desert. The next morning they took us out to breakfast at the club house for the Sun Vista RV Resort--also quite delicious!

The are doing very well, and enjoy the many amenities of the Resort and Yuma. We caught up on all the news of their families. Sounds like everybody is busy and doing well!

Marilyn had talked to Dad on Sunday, and he is doing well while Mavis and Ron (and Lana) are enjoying Hawaii.

We are now in Scottsdale with the motorhome and will be enjoying this gorgeous area for a couple of days before heading back to Tucson on Friday.


Bill and Marie